Dear Student Landlord


Whether you are new to the game and looking for some advice on the right property to buy as an investment, or you have multiple properties in various areas and are looking for a first class service with transparent competitive fees, you have come to the right agent.

Owning a student property is generally considered a wise choice for future financial planning, giving an excellent return on your investment. However you don't get something for nothing in this world and that's certainly got to be said for student lettings. As you can imagine there are many things that need to be considered; the properties need an annual clean and often a monthly clean too. There are also more repairs than a standard residential house, not mention all the regulations for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO's).


Also, for a lot of the students this is the first time they have moved out of home and lived on their own, and so they often need a helping hand and a bit of guidance when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.


For all of the above we take the stress out of the investment for you. We give advice on all of your questions regarding the regulations, and can help you through the process to apply for permission to let from the local authority. We of course photograph and advertise the rooms & houses and then find suitable tenants for each room giving guidance on the best way to setup tenancies and furniture and appliances to provide for students use. We also deal with all communication, answer all their (many) calls and emails, and visits to our office. We kindly help the students where we can and also occasionally are required to be firm and authoritative when it comes to looking after your property. We have many years of experience in this and are not afraid to advise the students what they can and can't do.


To summarise:


  • Advice - best areas & what to buy - HMO's, furniture and appliances.
  • Advertising - On all the big student property websites and social media.
  • City Centre Office - in Prime Location near many of the halls with lots of passing students.
  • Accompanied Viewings - students tend to need a lot of reassurance.
  • Flexible Fee Structure - talk to us to hear the options.
  • No Hidden Charges - transparent and honest.
  • Guarantors - to guarantee payment of rent.
  • Low Tenant Fees - low tenant fees, keeping parents and students happy.
  • Repairs - years of experience and links with a great selection of tradesmen.
  • Insurances Available - to enable guaranteed rent if required.
  • Cleaning - Advice and cleaners available.